We treasure the gifts of nature...

... because terrior-specifc, elegant and complex wines, which are full of authenticity and depth can only be nurtured through the careful and respectful use of the environment around us. This process commences in the vineyard as the grapevines are cared for throughout the cultivation.
In keeping with the Kamptal tradition, our main grape varieties consist of primarily Grüner Veltliner (70%), Riesling (20%), a small percentage of Chardonnay (5%) and Roter Veltliner (5%). In the cellars, we let the magic happen and interfere as little as possible in the wine-making process.
We only step in to ensure that each wine variety develops it’s distinctive flavours, reflecting the delicate symbiosis of climate, soil and grapevines in it’s purest form. Hundreds of satisfied customers and our numerous awards at home and abroad show us that we’re on the right path. Each wine bears our unmistakeable seal and that of their birthplace, the Kamptal. Half of the wines are exported and savoured around the world. The other half are enjoyed at home, in Austria, where they are an integral part of any wine list, due to their excellent coupling with the Austrian cuisine.


What may look inconspicuous from the outside...

Is in fact, the big stately home of a busy woman. Located behind a tasteful facade, on the outskirts of the village of Strass, Birgit Eichinger houses a state-of-the-art wine cellar and extensive wine library. Here she stores her most remarkable achievements of her wine-making history, some of which are bottled in larger ‚Magnum’ bottles. She likes to refer to this as the encyclopedia of the winery.
On the last weekend of April and the first weekend of May, Birgit opens up her cellar doors to the public to present the wines from the previous harvest. For wine enthusiasts, one or the other bottled treasures from her selection are also opened up and can be tasted. The estate is located at the foot of the vineyards. Directly from behind the building begins the sweeping hillside of Gaisberg vineyards and visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the Kamp Valley.